48V 16S LiFePo4 Battery BOX With Bluetooth 200A BMS Server Rack For Power Storage,Home Solar Energy,Marine Boat

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48V 16S Battery BOX+200A BMS(Free Shipping) 16S 173Ah/200Ah/230Ah Cells

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The 48V DIY Box not included the batteries. Due to the weight and volume is big, this DIY kit we ship by sea. If you has other requirement, please contact us. Thank you.

Packing list (Without battery)

Our 48V Battery Packs Fully Assembled Products👉Link

1. Battery Case*1 PCS (Bottom case, Front Bracket, Top Bracket*2 PCS, Front Panel, Top cover)
2. Epoxy board*10 PCS
3. PCB Board*2 PCS
4. Matched EVA tape*2 PCS
5. Weak electric switch*1 PCS
6. 16S 200A JK Smart BMS*1 PCS
7. BMS wires*2 PCS
8. LCD Screen*1 PCS
9. LCD Screen wire*1 PCS
10. Button Cap*4 PCS
11. Battery Terminal: P+ Terminal*2 PCS; P- Terminal*2 PCS
12. Long Flexible busbars: (BMS connection)*5 PCS
13. Flexible busbars: (Cell connection)*15 PCS
14. Handles*4 PCS
15. Upper and Lower Latch lock*4 PCS
16. EVA Tape (Between cells)*26 PCS
17. Other small accessories

16S 230A DIY KIT

Support battery type: 3.2V 200Ah, 3.2V 230Ah
BMS Type: JK Smart BMS 16S 200A
Case Size: 55*41*26cm
Case Weight: 18.5kg



16S 280A DIY KIT

Support battery type: 3.2V 280Ah, 3.2V 302Ah, 3.2V 304Ah, 3.2V 310Ah, 3.2V 320Ah
BMS Type: JK Smart BMS 16S 200A
Case Size: 68*41*26cm
Case Weight: 21kg

About Customs duties & transportation

a. The case ship to EU, US, CA, UK, AU are including custom clearance and tax. By sea take 45-55 work days.
The shipping information will be updated after the package finish the custom clearance and pick up by the local express.

b. For customers in Ukraine, we can ship the from China to your door. By sea take 55-60 work days; Remote areas can't be shipped, please contact the customer service.

c. For Russia, Belarus customers, it can only ship by sea or train, usually take 30-45 work days.

d. Ship to Asia countries usually will take 20-30 work days. And the shipping details usually be updated after it arrive to local post.

3. Please make sure the recipient information is correct. After the batteries arrive to local transport station, it needs to contact you to arrange the shipment. If due to your phone number is not right or could not contact you through message cause the delivery fail. We will not accept the dispute.