Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at sam@szhakadi.com


How can I order the batteries from your store? 

In order to provide more favorable prices and confirm accurate shipping costs, please feel free to contact our team through this website or via email: sam@szhakadi.com


What's the shipping method and delivery time?

After you place the order, it will take 5-7 work days to test the batteries. For Lifepo4 prismatic cell, we will weld the studs.
We have 2 shipping method, by air (15-25 work days), by sea (40-50 work days).
EU Member countries, US, CA, UK, AU are include custom clearance and tax.
Due to the batteries belongs to dangerous products, the tracking details will update after the goods be pick up by the local express. Please wait patiently or contact us for more details.


Are the cells I bought balanced?

We know the importance of maintaining the consistency of each cell in the battery pack, so we will match and balance all cells to ensure that the internal resistance, voltage, and capacity of cells are completely matched and balanced before delivery.


What should I do when I receive cells?

Make sure the package is not damaged and the battery is well protected before signing for it. Before the first use, please fully charge the battery.


How long is the battery warranty?

The warranty period is 12 months from the time you receive. We only replace new cell for free due to the failure of manufacturing.
These situation we will not responsible:
Not following the instructions; Improper assembly operation; Not used dedicated charger etc.