When fishing at night, how to solve the problem of lighting on board?

When fishing at night, how to solve the problem of lighting on board?

Anyone who has tried it can understand why night fishing is such a popular alternative to daytime fishing. Temperatures are lower at night, there are fewer people around, things are calmer, and there are more opportunities to catch a variety of fish. Other types of fishing, such as bowfishing, are typically done at night and necessitate adequate lighting.

Despite all of the benefits, night fishing does present one significant challenge: darkness. This is why, when fishing at night, it is important to have the proper lighting setup. So let's take a look at this essential piece of equipment and see what you need to know.

What lights do you use when fishing at night?

When it comes to night fishing lighting, the options are as diverse as the anglers themselves! On the lower end of the budget, some people will simply use flashlights or camping lanterns, or they will set up on their boats. Others may spend a lot of money on specialized night fishing lights. Each of these methods can work and have merit depending on the night angler's goals, but some best practices have emerged over time.

LED floodlights are the preferred fixture to install around boats for specialized applications such as bow fishing. Light bars found on vehicles are another good option, but they are much more expensive.

Night fishing lights in various styles

As you can see, anglers can use a variety of different types of lights when out fishing at night. Here are some of the most common and how they work best.


With the help of versatile, low-cost headlamps, the phrase "use your head" becomes literal. These lights are especially useful because they immediately illuminate where you're looking, eliminating the need to fumble for the correct angle of light. Furthermore, headlamps free up your hands for other tasks such as knot tying and hooking.

Lights that don't require your hands

Headlamps aren't the only lights for night fishing that allow you to fish with your hands free. Other models can be worn around your neck or attached to a shirt or other item. This allows you to direct light precisely where you need it. There are numerous styles and brightness levels to choose from.

Fish-Attracting Lights

Want to catch even more fish on your night fishing trip? Certain light styles and colors can attract fish to your location. Some are designed to operate above the water, attracting bugs that attract more fish. Others are submerged. We'll talk more about these and how to use them in the coming weeks.

Recessed lights for Your Boat

Lights on your boat can meet a number of needs for those who go night fishing. Most obviously, they will allow you to safely move around your boat and find things as needed. They will also assist other boats in the area in seeing you. This can help you avoid a collision in the dark. Finally, even if it is not their primary goal, they can function similarly to fish-attracting lights.

Onboard lights are typically hardwired and can run directly off the batteries or at a higher household voltage. Higher voltages allow for more powerful lights but necessitate the use of a generator or inverter.

What Color Draws the Most Fish?

To the surprise of some, not all shades are created equal when it comes to fishing lights. This is not because fish have a favorite color.

The current consensus in the fishing community is that green lights will give the best results for night anglers. Insects, small baitfish and shrimp can all see and are attracted to green. This in turn attracts more of the larger fish we want to catch. Various shades of blue light, as well as white light, are also used by some anglers, or in locations where aesthetic considerations are a factor.

What kind of battery do I need for my boat lights?

There are several different types of batteries, but none can compare to the efficiency, versatility and other advantages of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are much lighter in capacity, require no maintenance, and can be discharged more fully than older lead-acid batteries.

They can also operate in more extreme weather conditions. Lithium batteries are typically more expensive, but they make up for that fact by having a much longer life than lead-acid batteries. In the long run, you will find that they are worth as much or more than cheaper lead-acid batteries.

High-quality lithium batteries provide a safer power storage application, which is critical in remote operations. From reliability to no risk of explosion, our batteries are the best choice for many applications.

While your specific choice of nighttime fishing lights may vary, all boaters should take advantage of the amazing power of lithium batteries for boats. Lead acid batteries simply cannot compete with lithium batteries in terms of weight, size, efficiency, versatility, etc. I wish you happy fishing and a great harvest of fish.


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