What is home energy storage System? Why is it becoming more popular?

What is home energy storage System? Why is it becoming more popular?

Home energy storage systems mainly store excess electricity generated by solar panels in battery packs for easy access at any time. During the day. When the sun is normal, the solar photovoltaic modules produce more energy, which the battery can store to keep the electricity running at night or on another cloudy or rainy day. And because batteries can optimize the use of electricity, they can ensure the efficient operation of the entire home system. At the same time, in case of sudden suspension of household electricity consumption, such as desktop computer drawings are not saved in time, the fresh food in the refrigerator is melted and may deteriorate, etc., but with the home energy storage system, it can maintain continuity under such circumstances, and the response time is extremely short. Home energy storage system makes solar panel power generation more reliable, avoiding the shortcomings of electricity generation in rainy days, and affected by the world energy crisis, these systems are becoming more and more common, accepted and loved by everyone, while protecting the environment, but also can save energy and sustainable power generation.


A home energy storage system consists of the following components:

1.PV (lightweight flexible solar panel or folded integrated molding panel)

2. Inverter or multifunctional inverter (you can choose according to your own needs)

3.WIFI module or 4G module (domestic and foreign will be slightly different)

4. Battery energy storage battery (divided into wall mounted, ground roller type, battery combination disassembly type, according to their own power consumption, according to the power consumption, the main European houses are wooden, may take into account the weight of wall mounted)


Advantages of home battery systems:

Reduce emissions - Reduce pollution and demand from electricity grids that rely on coal and natural gas

Power outage safety - Provide backup power in case of power outage or emergency

Cost reduction - Save money by using less grid energy (cost related issues can be ignored in energy-strapped areas at home, and their electricity bills can be 10 times higher abroad)

Become energy independent - storing excess solar energy to reduce grid use

Peak demand Reduction - Support the grid during peak hours and provide grid stabilization services


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