What is BMS? How to choose BMS?

What is BMS? How to choose BMS?

*What is BMS?

BMS is battery management system for short. BMS provide battery over charge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, etc.


*How to choose BMS?

1. Determine what battery the BMS is used on, on NMC battery, LFP battery or LTO battery?

2. How many battery cells in series? BMS are selected according to the series number.

3. How many watts of Electric Machinery are you using? Or how much is the current limit of the controller, the BMS can withstand the maximum current value must be greater than the current limit of the controller.

4. Do you need RS485 communication and CAN communication?

5. The function of balance is to make the voltage of each battery tend to be consistent by resistance discharge when the voltage difference of each battery is not much.

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