What is a cryogenic battery? What are cryogenic batteries used for?

What is a cryogenic battery? What are cryogenic batteries used for?

Cryogenic batteries are important to be applied in low-temperature environments, and cryogenic batteries can be divided into civilian cryogenic batteries, special cryogenic batteries, and extreme environmental cryogenic batteries. These are upgraded according to the low temperature level, such as civilian general temperature in the negative 20 ℃, special general in the negative 40 ℃ or so, while the extreme is in the negative 50 ℃ range.


To be used in a low-temperature environment of electronic equipment are low-temperature battery use category. Cryogenic batteries are widely used in special tablet computers, parachute devices, special navigators, UAV backup start power, special flight instrument power, satellite signal receiving devices, marine data monitoring equipment, atmospheric data monitoring equipment, outdoor video identification equipment, oil exploration and detection equipment, monitoring equipment along the railroad, power grid outdoor monitoring equipment, special warm shoes, vehicle backup power, equipment special, special Aerospace, deep-sea submersible equipment power supply, polar scientific research, expedition equipment power supply, cold zone rescue, disaster relief with power supply, cold clothing, cold shoes power light, etc.


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