Battery pack are a significant cost when you build your own solar/RV/boat power systems. Therefore, you need battery solutions that have higher capacity, high power potential, longer life, sustainability, safety and that meet your needs.
Usually when you buy packaged battery product from the market, the manufacturer does not specify the brand/model of the cells inside, so we have no idea about the quality of the cells.
Knowing the quality of the cells is critical for a battery that is expected to last 7-10 years. Compared the high cost of purchasing a battery pack, DIY battery packs can significantly reduce the cost, and we can control the brand and capacity of the cells. In addition, we can even increase the capacity in the future as needed.
LiFePO4 cells from EVE, CATL and LISHEN are currently well known by DIYers as high quality cells. Among them, EVE LF280K is the most popular. You can use 4 pieces of LF280N and a BMS to conveniently form a 12V 280Ah battery pack. But we have to make sure to buy A gauge battery cells and a high quality BMS.

Battery cell

For the cells, we take the EVE A gauge 3.2V 280Ah cells for example
The internal resistance of this cell is less than 0.25m ohms. It has a deep cycle life of over 3500 cycles under ideal conditions. Supports 1C/1C continuous charging/discharging. Supports 2C/2C peak current (due to the high capacity of 280Ah, there are few opportunities to reach 2C current in real use).
In the extreme case of one deep cycle per day, this battery can last for more than 8 years. I have to say that this is a very ideal battery cell. With it, you can easily build your own 12V/24V/48V 280Ah/560Ah system.


Today we recommend a great brand, DALY, which is very well known among DIYers.

The cost to DIY a battery pack

Let’s take the example of making a 12V 280Ah pack.

  • 12V 280Ah battery pack
  • Materials Used:
  • EVE 3.2V 280Ah battery cell x4
  • Daly 4s 12V 200A BMS x1

Compared to commercially available packaged 12V 280Ah battery packs, you can save around 30% by DIY them yourself.


Generally speaking, the larger the capacity of the battery pack, the harder it is to buy in the market. In this case, DIY assembly of battery packs is not a bad choice.
In particular, you can choose reliable big brand of battery cells(CATL, EVE, LISHEN, CALB), so as to control the quality of the battery pack and ensure that you can get a long life.



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