5 usage scenarios of Portable Power Station

5 usage scenarios of Portable Power Station

In developed regions such as Europe and the United States, outdoor power supply, as a constituent of "electricity", is getting increasingly popular. Europeans and Americans have a tradition of outdoor activities such as camping and adventure. By July and August, the peak of vacation, many people like to travel around the world by RV, while an outdoor power supply can perfectly secure electricity use. Moreover, some Americans live in RVs all year round, working and living, therefore the portable power station can better handle their power usage.

In addition, the infrastructure and facilities in Europe and the United States are not perfect for well-known reasons, coupled with frequent disasters such as hurricanes, the emergency attributes of outdoor power supplies are very practical.

A portable power station generally has built-in high-energy density lithium-ion batteries, with a long cycle life, lightweight and easy to carry, and its overall performance is more stable and reliable. It also has the characteristics of simple operation, low noise, and good maintenance, which can better meet the needs of emergency power supply and outdoor operation.

Moreover, the outdoor power supply can store power and has a multi-functional output interface, AC output, USB output, and car charging interface output, which is convenient for users to use in different scenarios. It is more selective and more convenient to use.

Mass production responds to large-scale demand. Outdoor power can broaden a wide range of fields, not only in the home but also in many areas such as work and outdoors.


For fishing, this outdoor activity, people who truly likes would drastically obsessed in, and for people who doesn’t feel that way, they would find it’s dull.

In fact, the portable power station is very suitable for fishing. For example, bring an outdoor power supply that has access to boiling water and cooking, wait for fish to bite the hook, while you can make a meal with the seafood in your spare time, or make a cup of coffee. Moreover, isn’t that great to have an outdoor power supply as a helper for various needs, such as lighting and heating?

In a sense, outdoor power supply is a combination for lovers of fishing gear and power station equipment. It is a great experience for cooking seafood, fishing, and enjoying a good leisure life.

RV Trip

As the concept of maintaining health is deeply rooted in people's hearts, more and more people go outdoors and enjoy the healthy energy brought by nature. When people drive out and have picnics, they can't do without the support of outdoor power. When it comes to self-driving travel, you can't leave the RV. According to the American Motorhome Industry Association (RVIA), the total sales volume of RVs in the United States in 2020 was 42,628, and in 2021, it has exceeded 500,000.

Although the RV has a perfect life/driving system, the portable power station can power mobile phones, tablets, laptops, electric blankets, electric kettles, and other equipment, which can not only supplement the RV power system but also serve as a power assurance for self-driving travel.

TV Shows & Film Making

As mentioned above, except for the self-driving life of travel bloggers, many crews of TV shows and film making, do not shoot in a regular environment. Most of the time, they drive several RVs, shooting outside, equipped with portable power stations which can not only solve the problem of rest but also provide electricity.

However, the crew members are as many as usual. Shooting cameras, lights, tracks, monitors and other strange things need to be charged or powered. The mobile phones, tablets, and computers of personnel also need to be charged. Therefore several outdoor power supplies can indeed improve efficiency and make power supply much more convenient.

There is also drone photography and etc. The outdoor power supply can solve the problems of short duration flight and charging difficulty when drones fly outdoors and improve the efficiency of outdoor operation of drones.

Live stream

In addition to film and television production, the increasingly popular live broadcast also has a large number of users of significant power consumption. As we know that many live broadcasts are carried out outdoors, except for some professionals, who usually use mobile phones. But the live broadcast consumes power quickly and cannot be interrupted. Once the mobile phone runs out of power, it will become very upsetting, bringing many troubles.

Considering that the outdoor live broadcasts are mostly going with teams, carrying outdoor power as a power source is a good solution for electricity shortage. For example, mobile phones (sometimes two or more), photograph luminaires, stereo equipment, and other devices need to charge all at once that one or two power banks are hard to meet the demand, and a sufficient portable power station is way more suitable.

Aquaculture Industry

For the adult, fishing is fun, and fishing at sea is work. After seeing the battle of fishermen taking a group of people to sea to fish in their own boats, you would understand that although a trip to the sea makes a lot of profits, it is not only risky but also needs to suffer loneliness. And most importantly power supply is not stable if the boat is small.

Except for fishermen, there are actually some people who live on small islands far away from the mainland whose power generation also relies on diesel generators, which makes their life so inconvenient.

These people who have a deep attachment to the sea are genuinely suitable for installing portable power stations plus solar panels, using enough sunlight to generate electricity. Considering the merits of the portable power stations, it's highly recommended to people who work on the ship for the noise will be much lower; and to the people who are living on the island, there is extra protection for electricity consumption while meeting the energy shortage which it'll provide more room for the turnaround in some emergencies.


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