HAKADI 12V 12Ah Lifepo4 Rechargeable Battery Pack For 125CC-200CC Motorcycle Start Power With 14.6V 2A Charger

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1. Please confirm the positive and negative poles before installing the battery. We are not responsible for any damage to the emergency power supply or vehicle caused by incorrect connection.

2. The battery BMS support series and parallel connection. But connect in series cannot exceed 30V.

3. Tighten the positive and negative poles to avoid poor contact, clean up the oxides of the terminal posts, and avoid poor contact.

4. When the battery is not in use, please save 70% of the power to avoid full charge or loss of power.

5. Avoid short circuit damage to the battery.

6. Avoid over charge the battery.

QD-12V 12Ah for 125cc-250cc motorcycle

Battery type: 21700-3.2V 3000mah
Combination method: 4S4P
Nominal voltage: 12.8V
Standard capacity: 12Ah
Size: 150*85*95mm
Weight: About 1300g
Charge voltage: 14.6V
Cut-off voltage: 11V
Standard charging method: 0.5C
Max. charge current: 12A
Max discharge current: 60A
CCA: 180A
Applicable equipment: 125-250CC motorcycle
Operating Temperature
Charging: 0~45℃
Discharge: -10~60℃

Packing List

1×12V 12Ah Lifepo4 Battery pack
1×14.6V 2A charger
1×Clip wire


1. The battery pack use Lifepo4 cell to make, it can replace Lead-acid battery. But before you replace your lead-acid cell, please make sure the charge and discharge parameter can fit the Lifepo4 battery.
2. These battery pack build in BMS, the BMS parameter has set, which cannot support connect the battery in series.
3. If you need higher voltage battery pack, please contact us.


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