18650 2.4V 1500mah LTO Rechargeable HAKADI Battery Cell 25000 Times Long Cycle Life For Low Temperature -40℃ Discharge DIY Solar Light Outdoor Power Supply

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Product Specification

Model: HKD-2.4V 1500mah
Battery material: Lithium Titanate
Norminal Voltage: 2.4V
Nominal capacity: 1500mah
Minimum capacity: 1450mah
Charge cut-off voltage: 2.8V
Discharge cut-off voltage: 1.5V
Internal resistance: ≤30mΩ
Standard charge current: 1500mah (1C)
Max charge current: 15000mah (10C)
Standard discharge current: 1500mah (1C)
Max continuous discharge current: 15000mah (10C)
Operating Temperature:
Charge 0~45℃, Discharge -40~55℃
Cycle times: More than 20000 times
Battery specification: 18*65mm
Battery weight: 45±5g

Battery Features

Lithium titanate battery is the new type of lithium ion battery with ultra-safety, ultra-high rate and extremely long cycle life.
High power charge and discharge: Max diacharge rate can reach 40C.
Extremely long cycle life: More than 20000 time, 10 times longer than lithium battery.
Excellent low-temperature discharge performance: it can work at -40 °C.
Good safety performance: There will not be security risks of explosion and fire.


Electric wheelchairs, high-end children's toys, standby power supplies in low-temperature areas, military systems, emergency power supplies for hospitals and airports, electric vehicles (buses, rail transit, etc.), energy storage markets (solar, power grids, wind energy, etc.) and industrial applications.